From here to infinity and beyond!

Sydney is freezing this time of year, the small hotel room i rented near the shop I’m working at is cold as a witches tit and has me bundling up as best I can come sleep train time. Work’s going well. I was in Fremantle Australia with a great shop and amazing group of peeps at Five Star Tattoo for a couple weeks. That’s in western Australia.

The crew at Five Star

Now I’m in Sydney with that beautiful Opera house just down the street. I had my friend Ryan Malley come out here for a visit, we met up at the airport and traveled well together for a week and a half. Not many people can just roll to the airport to buy tickets hoping that they can get on a plane, to go to Byron Bay from Sydney, without freaking out, Ryan can. And so can I.

Ryan Malley - the man, the myth, the legend.

I’ll be here in Sydney until the 27th then back to Melbourne and maybe back to Perth. London in September.

All the best out there-



About jason tyler grace

I've been tattooing for 12 years or so and traveling the world for around 17 months. I have tattooed in Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Germany, France, Holland, and Australia.
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